Today, my wife and I are sharing in the excitement of some very huge personal and professional milestones.

Today, Kate will complete her dietetic internship! Ok, she has one more week left, but today is her final day of rotations, next week is filled with reviewing and other things. Today is one of the biggest days!!! Also, tonight is my ordination interview. But, more on that another time.

This time last year, we were waiting to find out where Kate would be placed, and actually being pretty frustrated when her school pushed back their reveal date.

“Columbia it is.”


The last eight months have been CRAZY! Kate won’t tell you much on her own blog, but this is mine and I can.

She’s worked 40 hours every week for the last eight months, and had made a whopping $0.00 dollars.

Y’all, Kate has come home pretty much every single night of her internship, and gleefully cooked us amazing dinners.

She’s gone straight from dinner to working on assignments or studying. Rarely has she had the time to do things just for herself.

She’s balanced her professional and school responsibilities with being an amazing wife.

All with a smile on her face.

Kate, I wanted to tell you today that I am so proud of you. Even if you think that I don’t pay much attention to the things that you’re doing for your career, I definitely have been!

You’re so determined, smart, and humble. You haven’t once complained about anything!

Kate, you are my hero. I love you more and more every day.

I can’t wait to see what the next page of your professional journey has in store!

I’m so thankful that you’ll be by my side in my ordination interview. You’ve been with me every single step of this journey.

You’ve encouraged me when I wanted to give up. You picked me up when I was down (literally and figuratively). You supported me when God’s calling took us through two moves.

Kate, thank you for following God on this journey with me. I love you and am so, so proud of you. You are my hero.


Author: tjoshbennett

I'm Terry Bennett, a husband and a dog owner. I'm a songwriter and a pastor with a love for adventure.

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